Case Study - Mobile App to convert handwritten text

Pen to Type was an all-in-one corporate solution for ultimate document management, scanning and handwriting conversion.

App development


Challenge and Partnership: Our journey with Pen to Type began when a prominent corporate client approached us, citing significant expenses with popular scanning apps like CamScanner. They needed a comprehensive solution tailored to their unique document management requirements, one that combined multiple features into a single platform, minimizing app-hopping and maximizing efficiency.

Innovative Solutions: Our development team took a holistic approach to address the client's challenges. Recognizing the importance of seamless document handling, we integrated a range of functionalities—from high-precision scanning technology and handwriting conversion tools to advanced document editing and sharing options. Additionally, recognizing the value of security in a corporate setting, we equipped the app with features like password-protected PDFs and customizable watermarks, ensuring that each document maintained its integrity and confidentiality.

Tangible Outcomes: Even before its public release, Pen to Type was an instant hit within the client's organization. Employees lauded the app's all-encompassing feature set—particularly the handwriting-to-text conversion tool, which allowed them to quickly digitize handwritten notes, and the ability to merge multiple photos into a singular, organized PDF. The seamless integration of so many features into one platform revolutionized their document management processes, increasing efficiency and reducing costs.

Continued Success: Initially developed as an internal corporate tool, the undeniable success and quality of Pen to Type prompted the client to envision a broader audience for the app. Armed with insights from the corporate version, we refined and enhanced the platform for public release. The public version not only retained its core features but was also monetized using AdMob, offering users a robust document management tool while generating revenue. The app's success story is a testament to our commitment to delivering tailored solutions that can adapt and evolve in line with our clients' visions.

What we did

  • Android
  • Frontend
  • AdMob Integration
  • OCR Capability

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