Case Study - Empowering Customers through a platform

Queja Digital a premier platform for consumer reviews. Revolutionizing the way businesses and customers interact, it brings accountability to the forefront ensuring user trust.

Queja Digital
Web development, Automation


Challenge and Partnership: When Queja Digital, Latin America's leading consumer complaint platform, needed a technological overhaul, they partnered with our dev agency. We were entrusted to reimagine and reshape the platform's infrastructure for millions of users.

Innovative Solutions: Our team employed cutting-edge development practices to create a more intuitive, responsive, and robust platform. We introduced advanced search algorithms, a user-friendly interface, and ensured scalability to handle an ever-growing user base.

Tangible Outcomes: After the platform's launch, Queja Digital witnessed a tremendous rise in user engagement and satisfaction. Key features such as live chat support, role-based access controls, and fortified security protocols were instrumental in this success. Seamless navigation and fast load times empowered consumers to voice their concerns and interact with businesses with greater confidence and ease.

Continued Success: Leveraging the modern tech stack we implemented, Queja Digital seamlessly expanded its operations to new territories, most notably launching in Colombia in 2023. This expansion not only marked their growing influence in Latin America but also demonstrated the robustness and scalability of the platform we developed.

What we did

  • Frontend
  • Backend
  • SEO
  • Automation

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