Case Study - Simplifying Online Marketplaces

Quiero Negociar is the MVP of a buy-sell marketplace with advanced security measures, SEO optimized and efficient payment processing at its core.

Quiero Negociar
MVP Development


Challenge and Partnership: When Quiero Negociar, a marketplace looking to carve its own niche in the online trading arena, reached out to our dev agency,. Recognizing the complexities and competition in online marketplaces, they sought a partnership that would ensure their platform was not just another marketplace but one that stood out.

Innovative Solutions: Our team committed to craft a platform tailored to the unique demands of Quiero Negociar. We designed adaptive listing algorithms to optimize user experience, incorporated product recommendations, and incorporated an easy-to-navigate interface. To guarantee a smooth experience even during peak user activity, we fortified the platform's architecture ensuring stability and rapid response times.

Tangible Outcomes: Pre-launch, Quiero Negociar experienced an influx of new users and received commendable feedback for its intuitive design and user-centric features. Features like Google Sign In, verified seller badges, and advanced listing filters set the platform apart from its competitors. The enhanced user experience meant that sellers could list products with ease, and buyers could navigate listings and transact with unparalleled confidence.

Continued Success: The MVP we initially developed for Quiero Negociar played a pivotal role in shaping the company's trajectory. The real-world feedback and data garnered from the MVP enabled them to identify key areas for enhancement, prioritize feature characteristics, and outline a clear roadmap for future expansions.

What we did

  • MVP Development
  • Paypal Payment integration
  • Backend

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